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Some practical Noosa information that we hope helps you enjoy our town.

Noosa Ambulance

Dial 000 for emergencies and 07 5441 1333 for non emergency call outs.

Noosa Climate

Noosa has one of the world’s most perfect climates. The coldest month is July where the average daily maximum is 20.9 ºC and the minimum 10.2 ºC. The hottest is January with an average daily maximum of 28.8 ºC and a minimum of 21.3ºC. The wettest period is January to March but rain can be expected all year. Humidity peaks on autumn mornings at around 74 per cent and on late summer afternoons at around 66 per cent. Cyclones are very rare and Noosa is very well prepared for any such emergency! For Noosa weather click here.

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Locals and visitors enjoy the casual atmosphere of Noosa and generally wear shorts, sarongs, short sleeved shirts and sandals. Casual chic is in style for the finer restaurants and if on business be surprised if you see a tie and jacket.

Noosa Fire Brigade

For emergencies call 000 and for non emergencies call 07 5474 9911.

Noosa Holiday Hire

If you need to hire holiday items in Noosa that is easy to arrange, Just pre book what you need with one of the Noosa holiday hire services.

Noosa Coastguard

The coastguard is run by volunteers and provides a 24/7 rescue service for any boats in difficulties. They have an office at Munna Point next to the campsite where boating maps can be purchased. The emergency number is 07 5449 7670 and for non emergencies 07 5474 3695. They listen on channel 27.88 and VHF channel 22, 80 and 16.


Generally for overseas calls you need to dial 0011 followed by the number. The area code for Noosa 07) is not needed when dialling locally. There is an internet cafe on Noosa drive near hastings Street and others at Noosa Junction and on Gympie Terrace. The post office is at Noosa Village in Noosaville and another one at the Noosa Civic.

Dog exercise areas

Dogs must remain leashed in all areas of Noosa except in certain dog exercise areas where verbal control is sufficient. A fine of $150 is payable for dogs without leads unless in the the dog exercise areas which are:

The Sunshine Beach shoreline from Noosa National Park to a point adjacent to the path leading from the public toilet block and car park in Seaview Terrace.

On the foreshore of Weyba Creek between Lake Weyba drive and the south-western boundary of the South Pacific Resort and the Noosa Australia Rules Football Ground.

On the Marcus Beach shoreline, from Burgess Creek to a point adjacent to Carpark No 50 at Tristania Drive.

On the Noosa Spit foreshore, west of Spit Rd from Noosa Woods to Noosa River.

Dogs should not enter food shops.

Noosa Library

The main Noosa library is located at Wallace Park in Wallace Drive off the Eumundi/Gibson Road roundabout. The library is well equipped and has internet access. The telephone number is 07 5442 4411. The library is open 7 days a week. Bus number 11 operates to Noosa Library from Monday to Saturday. The bus starts at Noosa Heads at 8.25, 10.00, 12.30, 3.30 and 5.10 pm from Noosa Heads. From Parklands the bus departs to Noosa library at 7.35, 9.10, 10.45, 1.15 and 4.15pm.

Noosa National Parks and Wildlife

National Parks and wildlife look after the National Parks and can be contacted on 07 5447 3243.


There are two free weekly newspapers which are good for local events, Noosa News and Noosa Journal. Both provide Noosa Visitor information. The Sunshine Coast Daily and the Sunshine Coast Sunday provide local and international news. The Courier Mail is the main newspaper for Queensland. All newsagents sell The Australian and other state and weekly international newspapers from UK and New Zealand.

Noosa Council

Noosa Council operate all the local services and can be contacted on 07 5449 5200. The Noosa Council office is located in Tewantin.

Noosa Police

Crime is not a serious problem, however with such a large number of visitors, incidents do occur and theft from some units does occur. The main police station is at Langura Court, Noosa Junction and a manned office at Hastings Street by the roundabout. Call 5447 5888 or 000 for emergencies.

Noosa Radio

Noosa Community Radio broadcasts on 101.3 FM 24 hours a day and provides local news, local views and great music. Phone 07 5447 2233 for a copy of a programme guide or to become a subscriber or go to


The main dangers relate to water and the sea. Visitors have drowned on unguarded beaches where the rip has taken them out to sea. The exposed beaches are particularly dangerous and you must swim only between the marked flags where a lifeguard is on duty. A safe area is marked between two red and yellow flags. A red flag means do not enter the water. A yellow flag means swim with caution.

Noosa is not a dangerous place and incidents are rare however criminals don't go on holidays and crime tends to increase during holiday periods. All vehicles should be locked and do ensure your unit or room is locked. Do not leave balcony/patio doors open irrespective of how many floors you are off the ground. Leave all valuables in the management guest safe if possible. It is advisable for women not to walk alone in Noosa National Park. If you ever feel your personal safety is being threatened call the premise security personnel or staff and if you need to leave call for a taxi on 131008 which are available 24hrs.

If you have any emergencies the police, ambulance or fire service will respond quickly if you call the emergency number 000. Noosa Hospital located on Goodchap Street in Noosaville has a very efficient 24hr casualty service.

Remember you must wear a seat belt at all times and if you are on a motor/push bike a helmet.


Snakes are found in Noosa but rarely seen. There are some venomous snakes and bites are serious. If you are bitten remove the patient from danger and note any identifying marks on the snake. Do not clean or wipe the venom away as this can help identify the snake. Apply a broad, firm broad bandage directly over the bite and as far up the limb as possible. Do not remove any clothing as the aim is to minimise all movement. Immobilize the limb by applying a splint. Call an ambulance on 000 - do not move the patient and arrange for the ambulance to come to the patient.

The two most common snakes in Noosa are highly venomous and are the Eastern Brown and the Red Bellied Black Snake. The Eastern Brown snake varies from orange to light, dark brown or maybe black on top. The belly is cream with dark, often orange blotches. The head is small and blunt.

Speed limits

Noosa is within the area that operates a 50 km /hr restraint in all built up areas and side streets unless marked otherwise where it may increase to 60km/hr. Police are very strict and speed traps are common. Regular drink driving patrols are active in all areas of Noosa and operate random stopping at any time of the day and at any location.

Noosa Swimming

For your safety please swim between the flags on marked beaches. Patrolled beaches are at Noosa Heads Main beach near the surf club, Noosa West besides the middle groyne, Sunshine Beach and Peregian Beach. In the school holidays and summer weekends where patrols operate are Sunrise Beach and North Peregian Beach. Details of council lifeguards are available from Noosa Council on 07 5449 5200.

Noosa Tourist information

Tourism Noosa (07 5447 4988) is the official tourism promotion body for Noosa, funded through a levy imposed on all tourism related businesses. Their main information centre is located on the roundabout on Hastings Street and contains a collection of brochures which are also at their head office in Noosa Harbour.

Tourist seasons

The high season is the Christmas period until the third week in January and the Easter school holidays. The low season is after the Easter holidays until mid September and the shoulder season from mid January until Easter. The low season is becoming an increasingly popular time to come as the days are sunny, the climate very pleasant with just a chill in the evening, and still possible to swim all year.


Water is safe to drink from the taps.



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