Top 10 Free Things To Do In Noosa

  • 1. Morning Walk In The National Park

    For the perfect start to any day, pick up a lovely coffee and head to the National Park to walk the Coastal and Tanglewood tracks. These stunning walks take you along the National Park coastline around the headland. The views are stunning, the air is clean, you’ll get your blood flowing… It is just a damn good morning. If you are lucky you’ll spot turtles, dolphins, koalas, whales and… turkeys. This is the most visited National Park in the country for a reason so get off your bum and check it out!
  • 2. Watch The Sunset From The Top of Tinbeerwah

    >Noosa does good sunsets, really, really good sunsets. Check Instagram, it is littered with them. For the best one, and the best view of Noosa, head up to Tinbeerwah Lookout. Be sure to bring a spare breath because you’re about to have yours taken away (yes! What a joke!) It is just a short walk from the car park up to the lookout. This is also a great spot to view a full moon or lunar eclipse so stick around a bit.
  • 3. Spot a Koala

    Noosa could not be any prouder of its resident koalas. There are thought to be about 30 in the National Park. These adorable bundles of fluff are often easy to spot if you know where to look. Check out our koala spotter section or the home page for their latest locations. If you want to have a go at finding them yourself, start in the National Park car park or try around the toilets at Tea Tree.
  • 4. Climb Mount Pomona

    For the fitness inclined visitor, or those up for a challenge, make sure you check out Coolum, Pomona and Cooroy for 3 awesome mountain climbs with amazing views of the area. For the toughest challenge in town, see how fast you can climb the mountain at Pomona where the world famous King of the Mountain race take place. See if you can beat the record of 22 minutes (up and down)… Mental… But seriously, if you do beat 22 minutes then let us know because there is a good chance you are part machine.
  • 5. See The Sunrise Over The Pacific Ocean

    This is one of those things that we all want to do. We all have the best intentions and wish to do it more often, but when that alarm goes off, climbing Pomona seems like an easier task. Well consider this your wake up call. GET UP! Don’t give yourself five more minutes, GET UP! GET UP! GET UP! Go get a coffee and get down to the beach because when the sun starts to break over the ocean and you catch a glimpse of some dolphins, you will forget all about how tired you are and you will go home knowing that this was one of the most beautiful mornings of your life.

  • 6. Spot A Humpback Whale Or Dolphin

    Between July and November keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales heading towards Hervey Bay from Antarctica. Find a spot high up in the National Park or at the surf club at Sunshine Beach for the best vantage points. If you can't see them, don't worry. Head to the open beaches and swim underwater. You can almost always hear their singing at this time of year. If you hear them singing out of key, then there is a good chance that whale will get lost. It is how they navigate. Whales are awesome.
  • 7. Check Out The Fairy Lights

    For some reason, unknown to us, after one festive season the council decided not to remove the Christmas lights. Like moths to a flame we the people gathered and it wasn’t long before these twinkling bulbs of delight became a permanent fixture in our humble town. Now you can walk down Hastings every night and enjoy the beautiful lights. Before you leave, be sure to take THE photo in front of the tree at the entrance to the Hastings Street.
  • 8. Picnic Dinner At First Point

    Snag a table, pop open the champers, sit back, relax, open your picnic and watch the sun set as surfers and dolphins do their thing, right below you. This is the perfect place to spend a beautiful evening with friends, a loved one, or just enjoying the view by yourself.
  • 9. Gaze At Night On The Beach

    We love our little beach town here but an added bonus that often gets overlooked is just how good Noosa is for star gazing. With very little light pollution you can get a stunning view of the Milky Way and beyond. Find a nice spot on the sand and see how many shooting stars you can spot. You should on average see one every 18 minutes if you are patient.
  • 10. Cook Up A BBQ Feast On The River

    There are tonnes of picnic huts and free BBQ's along the river front (Gympie Terrace). Grab one in the morning for the perfect brekky spot overlooking the river, then cool off by having a swim in the beautiful water. Alternatively, cook up a storm as the sun goes down and you are with your friends and you are having a couple of beers and by God life is good, isn’t it?

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