James Gridley in 1873 settled in what became Eumundi a town about 20 minutes drive from Noosa. On your way into Noosa, Eumundi is often missed due to the by pass that skirts the town from the Bruce Highway. Eumundi comes alive every Wednesday and Saturday with thousands of visitors attending the Eumundi markets. A market that has grown as a major Queensland attraction. Eumundi combines old and new with its art galleries, restaurants, shops, strawberry farm and lots more.


Eumundi started out as a timber and dairy town with many buildings constructed between 1890 and 1930. Some of the buildings that can still be seen are the bank building, Eumundi museum, old bakery and the School of Arts Hall. The railway came to Eumundi in 1891 which made Eumundi an important trading post. The construction of two butter factories one in Eumundi and the other in Cooroy in the 1920's established Eumundi as a dairy centre.


Eumundi museum has a large colelction of social history objects, stone and wooden artefacts, natural history specimens and lots of photographs. It is open every day from 10am and a little earleir on Saturday and closes at 4pm Monday to Friday and 2pm on Sunday and 3pm on Saturday.


Enjoy the historical village of Eumundi and the famous Eumundi markets.......


How to find Eumundi?

Eumundi is located to the west of Noosa, close to the Bruce Highway. Click here for the Eumundi Map.


Eumundi Markets


markets eumundi

Eumundi markets celebrates 25 years. A market that has put Eumundi on the world map. The market operates every Wednesday and Saturday mornings. On Saturday from 6.30am - 2pm and on Wednesday from 8am - 1.30pm.


Eumundi Cuisine


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Enjoy the wonderful Eumundi restaurants.

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Eumundi Accommodation


eumundi accommodation

In the township of Eumundi you will find some wonderful places to stay from hotels to elegant bed & breakfast establishments.

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